Join this webinar to discover how Barbuscia Spa – one of the biggest car dealers in Italy – has integrated its fast closing, balance sheet, and P&L processes with Board.

See how the combination of the right technology and the correct methodological approach brought by K.Group has enabled Barbuscia to realize a more efficient closing model.

During the webinar, several accounting procedures will be demonstrated, showing how Board can simplify every aspect of your monthly closing activities, including:

  • Data collection from heterogeneous sources (accounting and management)
  • Performing adjustments by business unit
  • Overhead allocation rules
  • The integration of employee costs
  • The embedding of reports and dashboards


“The real challenge we have faced, from the planning point of view, has been finding a fair compromise between detail and synthesis of information. This approach has led us to make the closing process simply manageable on one side, and not to reduce the power of information in the different business units and economic and financial perspectives on the other side”.

Massimiliano Menna, General Manager K.Group

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