orange company features

K.Group’s mission is to support entrepreneurs and managers throughout the process of transformation of their own organization into an Orange Company: an innovative format striving to get entrepreneurs clear on their core point, promotes the discovery of new knowledge, information sharing, and universal awareness.

For more than 20 years, K.Group has been supporting entrepreneurs and managers throughout the study and realization of Performance Measurement and Corporate Performance Management models, thus fostering the hard elements of the company’s informational asset: KPIs, measurements and measurable targets to support the decision making process.

The efficacy of Business Intelligence, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting projects is the result of the correct balance of 3 factors which are strictly linked: people, methods, tools.

An Orange Company is a company that is able to: measure its results, define an objectives plan and communicate effectively within the organization in order to carry on a responsible decision-making process.

Performance measurement

Projects of: mapping, planning and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) representation.

Corporate performance management

Budgeting, planning, forecasting and what-if analysis.

Knowledge practices on decision making

Activities of management-support in the data-based decision-making processes.

Visual design & information sharing

Reporting, dashboarding and scorecarding as factors of efficient sharing of a company’s performances.

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