During the last years, our company has been growing constantly and with determination, always adapting to the needs of our customers and taking new paths generated by the changes in the market.

This growth has always been supported and realized on the basis of three strategic assets: people, method and tool.

We believe in the value of human capital and the importance of KNOWLEDGE WORKERS, who support entrepreneurs and managers in their daily role of decision makers.


We believe in the value of a work method for the constant verification of both results and objectives and the effective use of Entreprise Performance Management (EPM) in companies.


We believe in the value of BOARD, an all in one tool which facilitates the integration of KPIs among the company areas, and ensures the holistic vision that makes our value proposition unique.


This uniqueness is acknowledged and appreciated also abroad.

This complex but stimulating challenge has given life to a new reality in Netherlands and new projects with other foreign countries, thanks to the deep relationship with Board International.

In this path we want to preserve our uniqueness by means of a homogeneous proposal equally for Italy and abroad.

This concept is symbolically affirmed with a new domain: from .it to .biz, that phonetically reminds business as we intend the enterprise.

In fact, from today on you will find us at orangecompany.biz.

A unique place where we will keep on telling the stories of our customers, the life of K.Group around the world, and the results achieved. It will be the only domain of each knowledge worker’s email address.

Small steps, small signs of a big challenge: to keep on fostering that internationalization process requested by the market and our customers, and to point at new horizons, with the same enthusiasm and professionality which characterizes our company.